5 Ways to Insure Your Child’s Success

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There are numerous ways to support your child’s academic success. Try some of these suggestions:

For about a week, keep an eye on your child’s work habits at home. When is it most likely that he will start working? When he returns home? After a while of playing? Did you eat dinner? Make sure he doesn’t get interrupted during his favorite time of day.

Let your child know if he or she prefers to listen to music while studying. Do not argue if she prefers to lounge on the floor rather than sit in a chair while doing homework. You will only trigger her “fight or flight” response.

With your child, play a game of “think and listen.” Set a timer and select a subject. While one of you speaks for two minutes about the subject, the other listens intently and uninterrupted. Switch when the timer goes off. You will support your child’s development of creative thinking and listening skills.

Using construction paper and markets, have your child assist you in writing phrases that emphasize the importance of positivity, encouragement, and education. Place them in your child’s room and on the fridge with tape. She will always feel empowered when she sees phrases like “Yes, I Can,” “Great Job,” and “Learning Is Fun.”

Keep in mind how angels fly: They treat themselves with contempt. As a family, laugh, play, and have fun. Laughter has been shown to improve resilience and health in studies. A child’s success in the home also shows in the classroom.

To provide their children with a much healthier and better life, these five methods should be adapted by all concerned parents.