Offer Your Child Success

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I wanted to talk about some of the things I KNOW work to help a child succeed in life now that school is back in session. You can’t do their work for them, but you can guide them and help them make the right choices.

A person’s vocabulary and general knowledge are the two factors that determine success or failure in life. What I mean when I say that we acquire information about history, our world, and other people from a variety of sources is referred to as “general knowledge.” You can see what I mean by watching Jay Leno’s Jaywalking. He stops people on the street who can’t even tell you how many states there are in the United States, among other absurd facts that you’d think everyone would know.

Another very important aspect of life is vocabulary. When I worked in business, you would be surprised at how many resumes and applications were thrown away by people who couldn’t spell or write clearly. Furthermore, these were applications for jobs paying barely above the minimum wage. I wouldn’t even think about these stupid people.

After you have graduated from school, this information can be obtained by reading newspapers, magazines, and books. However, you must ensure that your children complete all reading assignments and reports while they are in school. If you want to work in a professional field with good pay in the future, you need to be able to read, comprehend, and then write down ideas and thoughts about what you read.

Finally, enroll your children in the school’s music program. As soon as school starts, they can sign up. On Facebook, I can see how many of my kids’ bandmates have friends who work in well-paying professional positions. I’ll admit that there are some exceptions, but in general, students who participate in the school music program have a double chance of graduating from high school and going on to college or other higher education institutions.

The fact that I’ve shared this with so many people makes it funny. And what’s more? Few people pay attention. And the majority of parents who continued to let their children do what they wanted now have grown children who struggle to make the grade in a low-quality community college and typically work as bartenders to make a living.

Like losing weight, there is a straightforward formula for success in life. We just can’t seem to deal with how easy it is.