Role of parents in child education

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The adage “Children are the leaders of tomorrow” is actually a well-known fact that cannot be disregarded.

As a consequence of this, parents should not entrust their children’s education solely to schools and should take it very seriously. Schools did their best. But parents are ultimately responsible for giving their children a better start in life than what is taught in schools.

Professional educators direct schools,

and they can only perform in accordance with their professional ethics. For instance, if a child is falling behind in any subject. It is the school’s responsibility to ensure that the child can handle. The material based on the expertise of the teacher and the school’s approved standard for effective tutoring. Anything that falls short of this could be considered poor performance.

This means that parents should step up and take action to ensure that their child can pass any difficult subjects. But they shouldn’t go to school and harass the teachers.

In order to assist the school

in its efforts to improve the child’s education, parents can encourage their children to attend additional classes outside of school hours. For instance, children’s education is a top economic priority in Asian nations. The majority of students attend after-school programs and attempt to learn English because they are aware that their education will increase their chances of landing a good job.


in some Western nations, parents’ attitudes toward their children’s education are not particularly encouraging. This is because of the coming of innovation. Students have the option of leaving their schools to go to a fun place or even to get busy by talking to friends for the rest of the day. This is bad for a child’s future, and parents need to do something about it.

I’m of the assessment that,

it has to do with parent’s mentalities toward what’s to come. Because of the solid foundation set by our founding fathers, things have been going well for decades and children have not had to worry about the future. However, attitudes have changed, and children’s education is now entirely in the hands of teachers and parent. A child can be pushed to the next level of educational achievement by the tender motherly love and reassuring words of a loving father.